ISOIN (Coordinator)

Ingeniería y Soluciones Informáticas (ISOIN) is a Spanish SME working in Information Technology fields, with a deep experience and a highly qualified labour in ambient intelligence, mobile communication, collaborative work and system integration. ISOIN has been qualified as Technological Agent by the Innovation Regional Agency. The quality of our activities is certified according to the UNE-EN ISO 9001:2008 standard.

ISOIN main competence areas include: Ambient Intelligence, Networking and communication, Software development, Multimodal interfaces, Training and consultancy, Research and Technology Development, Sustainable urban mobility, Collaborative networks of organizations and Organizations & processes optimization.

ISOIN has been participating to a relevant number of research projects in National and European level, building a reference in research and innovation in our competences. Relevant previous experience to the scope of this project includes e-Inclusion (context-sensitive, personalized and location sensitive tools for elderly people which allow them to carry out everyday tasks (MobileSage); development of an open system that facilitate the use of PC for disadvantaged users (eTODOS); Remote home assistance (SISA)), ambient intelligence (Collaborative Learning Platform for Mobile Workers based on AmI Technologies, Ambient Intelligent System for industrial settings; Interactive 3D (FP6- CADPIPE; FP5-OLIMP 3D), SOA (FP7-COIN, FP6-ECOLEAD), Social interaction and adaptability for disabled people (FP7-MyUI)).

ISOIN is also an active partner in the AALJP being a partner of MobileSage project (call 3), and coordinator of T&TNet (call 4).