King's College London is one of England's oldest and most prestigious university institutions: a multifaculty research-led university college based in the heart of London with over 19,700 students, of whom more than 6,200 are postgraduates. It is ranked as one of the world's top 25 universities. King's has an outstanding reputation for providing world-class teaching and cutting-edge research. In the 2008 Research Assessment Exercise for British universities, 23 departments were ranked in the top quartile of British universities; over half of our academic staff works in departments that are in the top 10 per cent in the UK in their field and can thus be classed as world leading. The College is in the top seven UK universities for research earnings and has an overall annual income of nearly £450 million.

Dr Adel Taweel, Dr Simon Miles, and Prof Michael Luck, in the Agents and Intelligent Systems Group in the department of Informatics and Prof Brendan Delaney and Charles Wolf in the Medical Decision Making and Informatics Group in the Division of Social Care and Primary Care have world-class disciplinary and interdisciplinary research and are currently involved and leading several related research projects, including TRANSFoRm (Translational Medicine and Patient Safety in Europe, EU FP7 €7M), EHR4CR (Electronic Health Records for clinical research, EU IMI €13M ), PEARL (Patient Electronic health record for linkage UK Wellcome, £1.6M) and ePCRN (electronic primary care research network, UK Wellcome £2M).