Expected results

What we expect? How will we measure it?
Considerable decrease of older adults malnutrition cases Assessed based on the decrease level of malnutrition cases for the older adults involved in the project trials and extrapolated to a wider scale implementation of the DIET4Elders support services (i.e. after reaching the market).
Significant decrease of the costs for managing the malnutrition effects on older adults

Assessed based on:

- the estimated overall costs associated with malnutrition in Europe per older adult,

- the project expected impact of reducing the occurrence of malnutrition for older adults

- the costs associated with installing and using the DIET4Elder systems for an older adult

Increase the number of older adults able to self-manage their feeding behaviour and diet

Assessed based on the estimated number of older adults adopting the DIET4Elders solution and the older adults capable of self-managing their feeding daily life activity without the help of informal carers.

As a result of using the DIET4Elders system, the older adults will remain integrated and active individuals of their communities.

DIET4Elders system piloting At the end of the project the proposed DIET4Elders support services are developed, integrated with the DIET4Elders infrastructure and deployed in the end-users environments.
DIET4Elders system support services availability on the market 3 years after the end of the project Assessed based on the TUNSTALL partner great experience in marketing telecare and telehealth services and on the proposed business model.
Dissemination of project scientific results by publishing at least 10 papers in international conferences and journals Assessed based on the availability of the published papers at the end of the project.