New Publications

T. Cioara, I. Anghel, L. Barakat, D. Reidlinger, S. Miles, A. Taweel, I. Salomie and T. Sanders, Expert System for Nutrition Care Process of Older Adults, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON KNOWLEDGE AND DATA ENGINEERING, Submitted.

V. R. Chifu, C. B. Pop, I. Salomie, A. Aczel, Clustering Food Recipes using a Flower Pollination-based Method, submitted to ACAM - The Automation Computers, Applied Mathematics Journal 2015, Submitted.

D. Moldovan, M. Antal, D. Valea, C. Pop, T. Cioara, I. Anghel, I. Salomie, Tools for Mapping Ontologies to Relational Databases: A Comparative Evaluation, ICCP 2015, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, Accepted for publication.

C. B. Pop, V. R. Chifu, I. Salomie, C. Prigoana, T. Boros and D. Moldovan Generating Healthy Menus for Older Adults using a Hybrid Honey Bees Mating Optimization Approach, SYNASC 2015 - Workshop of Natural Computing and Applications, Timisoara, Romania, accepted for publication, 2015.

C. B. Pop, V. R. Chifu , I. Salomie, R. Plaian, A. Stetco, Lifestyle Recommendation System for Treating Malnutrition , Intelligent Distributed Computing VIII 2014, vol. 570 of the series Studies in Computational Intelligence, pp 41-46.

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